Battle for Manila 1945

THe restored former Finance Department

The restored former Finance Department

In 1944 the American forces landed back in the Philippines at the battle of Leyte on the south east of the archipelago. Another landing was made to the north of Luzon, in Lingayan Gulf, and it was from here the drive south toward Manila, the capital ,was made. There were POW’s being held there and it was essential that they could be released before they were massacred. When the Americans arrived in the northern suburbs, there started a one month battle – one of the most terrible in the war. The atomic bombs destroyed Hiroshima and Nagasaki, and the Nazis destroyed Warsaw, but using conventional weapons the Japanese and Americans together caused Manila to be the most ruined city in Asia, comparable to firebombed Tokyo . Read more

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Corregidor – battle island of Manila Bay

Island of Bravery




This tadpole shaped island was first fortified after the Spanish started their conquest of the Philippines in 1570 when Miguel Lopez de Legaspi’s forces landed. The island, standing at the entrance to Manila bay, was a key defensive position, and the Spanish installed the original but limited fortifications. Read more

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